Ripped Into the Headline

Write about something that happened over the weekend as thought it’s the top story on your local paper.

A young pretty actress hung herself last week and that news is still bit fresh. Well of course it is, since it’s a celebrity and not a poor farmer or student which otherwise would cause some usual hypocritical uproar a day or two and everyone gets back to their business as if it never happened. In this case the same will happen of course, but only with a much more amount of duration and increase.

Earlier today, a suicide note was found which was released by her mother, suggesting heavily which was already speculated regarding difficulties in her work and mainly her failing (failed) relationship, bringing a spark to whether are people really so weak. Personally, I find opinions of most people in such events complete hogwash.

I wrote about suicide in a previous post, which you can read for yourself and make sense of it. Although I’m not condoning the act, calling the person (*insert random adjective just for the heck of it*) is, as I said, plain stupid and ignorant of people.

2 thoughts on “Ripped Into the Headline

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