Storage Memory

Here is picture showcasing memory for me.

ImageHere you can see a oval stone painted by yours truly which is almost 15 years old!  I loved collecting all sorts of stones back in the day, I might even have them lying around hopefully. Beside it is a ghost I made which is also very old similar to the stone. Just a ball wrapped around and sealed with a handkerchief and and sparkles for the face. I actually had names for these two, which I sadly don’t remember but I’m sure I must have written it somewhere, as I was always a loner and tend to write and keep to myself most of the time.

Aside from these two self made items which one would probably find in a garage sale of the like, the other stuff you can is are also pertained to the old days of mine, The blue thing is the butt of a big pencil sharpener in the shape of a cute baby elephant. Okay not that cute. That my pop got from Singapore, again over a decade ago. Along with that in the side are Snoopy and some Hello Kitty figurines also bought with the elephant sharpener.

And the two big stuff in between are my old yet one of the most amazing phones of that time, Sony Ericsson C905 which now lies in rest. Good memories. And my precious Linkin Park dog tags from ’03. Only current stuff is my house keys with the NY key chain which I currently use. 😛

2 thoughts on “Storage Memory

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