Person, Place, Thing

This writing challenge reminds of an old pen and paper game which I used to play back in the day when I was a kid. It was simply called name, place, animal, thing (yeah I know, if you too noticed, the absence of the conjunction and always bothered me too, but maybe that was just me). As far as I know it was widely popular here played by many kids, the objective simply was at a given random letter each had to write down name of a person, a place, an animal and a thing beginning with that letter and as the game went on, the person scoring most points based on being the first, uniqueness of what he/she wrote, et cetera. Here I’m going to break the established order which I always do, and going to talk about a place which I already mentioned here before, a local cafe and juice bar – Fizzy.

I already wrote a small dedicated post about it here on Local Flavor, and going to add a bit more on it. As I’ve already mentioned, I’m coming here since the first day it opened all those years ago. I remember being in 6th grade then. I go there almost everyday when, and even today evening had my regular cold cappuccino. The place has a pretty neat open ambiance with a cross road in front of it and a (girls) school directly at the opposite. My school (which was a boys school) was also nearby, so you might get the picture where I’m getting at. 😉 And not to mention one of the biggest residential areas among others nearby. Suffice to say they are doing well. Popular hang out places for couples, friends and lonely buggers (like me). Heck there was a significant ‘No PDA‘ board too but I’m not going to go there. 😛

ImageComing to which, perhaps the most iconic thing served, from it’s various juices and sodas, frankies, grilled sandwiches, pastries and others, is my most favourite cold cappuccino. Have been drinking that for nearly a decade now! If you look at it, it’s nothing extraordinary, just a regular cold coffee with a touch of chocolate powder sprinkled. But after having been taking it for such a long time, don’t think even the very dam expensive ones like Starbucks or others can beat it to the top. Just another example of simplicity being #1. Well, just one thing, there was a time when it was mere ₹ 12 and including vanilla or chocolate ice-cream was ₹ 20-25. Today the coffee alone is just ₹ 25, add 20 more for any ice-cream. Ah I miss those days, casually having cold coffee with a favourite ball of ice-cream.

Coming to the person, here I would make it people, as I don’t know anyone singular in particular to write about, unless of course that person is me which I don’t want to bore you with. The place is all about people meeting and having a good time, so perhaps a nod to everyone I spent time there. Specially the staff there, who now in these few years adorn a red t-shirt show casing their employers. Or rather employer, since the place as far as I know started by one guy, who knows me very well now of course, and turned out to be a family friend of one of my old friends. From a small shop now a large happening cafe and 4 more branches in that area of the city, truly a success. Not only money wise but making memories for countless people as well, this is a place merged with my own history.

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