Football, Women, Fried Rice and Popcorn.

For now I won’t be able to write a companion post for what I want to share, or in some ways don’t want to as I might be able to do justice to them. Here I want to share 2 awesome posts, on both topics which I feel strongly about.

One is a post written by a good blogger friend of mine, Why Can’t I Be A Football Fan? She talks about the difficulties and rather idiocies faced by women here. I won’t go further, do read it yourself, irrespective who and where you are. It has been making a few rounds notably. I just want to extend this not only to the game, but literally everywhere.

Not trivializing the rather very important issue but now just going away from seriousness to bit of the humour side, this other one is just a random blog post I saw before typing this while reading through blogs: Girlfriends are like fried rice. Boyfriends are like popcorn. The writer makes a amusing analogy there and in a way describes the truth behind them. Now at least I know what to call who I’m looking for 😛

Have fun reading.

4 thoughts on “Football, Women, Fried Rice and Popcorn.

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