Weekly Photo Challenge: Future Tense

I honestly didn’t knew what to post for this one, as I had a bit of lack of imagination on what denotes future tense to me or simply it didn’t strike me. So I just took a photo while writing this which actually relates to my life right now.


Since I spent a good (and sometimes complete) hours on my laptop, I have this small note on the side as to whenever I see it, reminds me of making a better life for myself. Not sure how it motivates me myself, but well it’s a start.

And since it’s phoneography month, as a bonus here is my new cell phone which I got about 10 days back through which I’m takings some of the wonderful pictures which I post here. Nokia Lumia 920, the best camera (phone) in the market today. Simply amazing.


4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Future Tense

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