Same Difference

Differences and Similarities: which divides us more?

This is a very good question to ponder upon. It can be viewed on at many levels, from individuals to a country. We all have people in our lives and around us with both traits. We tend to bond with those who are similar to those, with similar interests, tastes and likings but at the same time we are also like having different people with all these different opinions and different views of the world. Doesn’t that make everyone of us special?

yin-yangBut coming to which of them which divides us more, that is the tricky aspect. It is in truth, more of a rhetorical question as an argument for each can be correspondingly countered with the other. Differences can lead to many new areas, but they can widen the area too much. Similarities can bring some together, but too much of it leads to fanaticism. Each one stretched beyond a limit in their direction leads to separation.

Similarity and Difference are integral parts of each other. You can’t pick one over the other. What makes us all similar is that we all are different.

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