Speaking of Skills

If I could choose to be a master of a skill in this world, while there would be many to choose from, if it were to happen magically just out of the blue, then it would be my power of observation. The science of deduction. Analytical power.

Years ago when I was a kid, I took this aptitude of some sort which gave results of me in different areas. While it was good and showed I’m a genius of sorts in many areas, the only thing which I still remember today was I was relatively ‘weak’ (not that it was stated so, comparing to other stats) in ‘my surroundings and world around me’ category. Perhaps that got over my head among other things, and that has perhaps helped me in certain aspects of myself today. I’m a people reader, fascinated with human mind, behavior, crime and psychology. I might still not be much speedy in world affairs but this is a ever growing ‘skill’.

Here I was being realistic which will continue to slowly happen anyways, but if I encounter some genie or god which make this happen to the ‘maximum level’ in an instant, this would be it, and by extension, also highly fit and a top class martial artist trained in most forms of fighting techniques. After all, the world’s greatest detective aka Batman is not just a genius, but also the one of the most fit humans, and favourites like Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot are no less. And who wouldn’t want to be Batman?

Well that too is actually feasible, just in my case that would take a lot more effort and dedication. To let all imagination loose, the biggest ‘skill’ I would want to master is flying. Supersonic flight. Or better teleportation. Instant transmission!

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