Breaking the Law

The last time I broke a rule might not have been even a day ago. I chuckle at the very though of the question when was the last time I broke a rule, major or minor. I don’t think it’s a good idea to share most of the (major) crap I have done, which range from arrogance to utter stupidity and carelessness, to ultra superior motives and intentions, ‘unethical’ and few even illegal. Well not going beyond that, atleast I’m safe without much harm 😛

Writing that brings to my mind lot of them which I have done. If I were to share one big-breaking-the-rule law, I once crossed the border of India and stepped into China back in ’06 with a few others, in one of my travels and meeting army personal who guard our nation’s border. I remember it being a very emotional moment for many all of us seeing our brave soldiers guarding our borders while we live our lives here. That was the only time I actually went ‘outside’ my country, and considering they didn’t mind us jumping out the border and the Chinese didn’t shoot us, safe to say it was no big deal even though it can be considered illegal or so. I hope to travel around the world someday (legally that is). And well hopefully, this shouldn’t land me in trouble in the future for visas, my potential boss and the charming person of my life, if there is one.

If I were to further expand on this topic, I would say any one of us who is genuinely trying to make this world a better place by being a good citizen, is in face a criminal as we are governed by corruption as it is. Being a good guy is a crime in itself, and ‘innocence’ is loosely thrown about. Well this for another time.

We are criminals. Always have been. – Batman


Tonight WE are the Law. I AM THE LAW.

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