Que Sera Sera

Do you believe in fate or do you believe you can control your own destiny?

Quoting (and rephrasing) Neo from The Matrix, no I do not believe in things like fate and destiny, we are all control of our own lives. Might not be the circumstance all the time, but for the most part we weave our own stories.


4 thoughts on “Que Sera Sera

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  4. But what about the situation you are born into? The people you grow up with and you meet? The way you are raised? Are you born with a disease, with a birth “defect”? Are you born into a war zone? The financial background you are born into? The education you might get or not? I agree that you can be in charge of your destiny, or at least you can work on it. But I also think there are a lot of things that are handed to you by fate. I’d like to know what you think of what I wrote on this subject…


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