Suicide, a bone of contention?

Since today 10th September is considered as World Suicide Prevention Day (2013), I’d like to share this earlier post giving different outlooks and reasoning on why the real problem is beyond than that.

The Nameless One

“Suicide is the coward’s way out.”
“No one has a right to take away their own life.”
“It’s nature’s/god’s/your parent’s gift of life to you, and committing such a thing is a sin.”

“Suicide is not the solution.”

Ever heard one of these before? You might be surprised how many might have.
Fair disclaimer, I do not encourage nor condone suicides, but it’s something that I’m not against. Having said that, here’s a breakdown of how suicides are perceived, and focusing on the root of the problem, which is moving past the stigma set by society.


The comment that appalls me most after people have learnt of someone’s suicide is “How could he/she do that to us?” First of all, every person’s mind and heart are full of secrets, so any judgement should be withheld unless that person discloses his motives. Second, nobody has an obligation to live. As nobody…

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