You’re stranded in a foreign city for a day with no money and no friends. Where do you go; what do you do?

Would be really odd if I get into such a situation. I dealt with both scenarios ie no friends and no money each individually, and both at the same time, but the catch was that it was here in my home city. I remember once I didn’t even had a cell phone, no money at all in my wallet and well I’m the sort of sociopath with no friends most of the time. I remember once many years ago I got ‘separated’ from my mom, and boy was she so dam worried, well I remember we had a quarrel and she didn’t care about me having no money or a mobile that time as I was only the ‘carry boy’. All guilt rushing to hit her. Made me kinda chuckle (I know, call me evil) I just manage to walk distances and get in a train and travel back home without a ticket (nothing new here, and hey that wasn’t a major crime, in fact a pathetic way for the corrupt cops to prey on, as if they needed something really wrong to happen for earning extra bucks). Even if I got caught, I got literally nothing on me so wasn’t much bothered either. Now this was as I said in my home city, making it bit more ‘comfortable’ for such a scenario. In a foreign city in another part of the city it would have been much more trickier, and exponentially more if it were another city in another country. I might have just gone to a restaurant, hotel or an industrial building whatever nearby and ask for help depending on where I’m. Well hoping people know english and are kind enough to offer aid to a foreigner.

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