Phoneography Challenge: My Neighborhood

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Looks like I got to take part in this week’s/month’s first phoneography challenge in the true sense after all! Just today I got my very first smartphone, Nokia Lumia 920 and so far it’s great! I mainly got it for the camera, otherwise I don’t have much to say (or complain). Also it was great timing since I didn’t get time to take a snap earlier in the week, and there is no camera left at home as my mom went on a holiday in the south of the country and she took the only (crap) camera we have at home.

I tried to take panorama shot but well I messed it up since it was the first time and barely a few hours after I got the phone. The first 2 shots are views from right and left a little bit outside my building in my colony, and the third is outside on the main road near the game of my college.

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