Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

ImageThat is the picture of my building which I took from my crappy cell phone. I remember taking one years ago for a similar task, couldn’t find it so decided to take a new one instead. My building was the last one in my colony to be re-painted again a year ago or so, and I’m not a big fan of the colour(s). Well atleast because of the bit different look, becomes easy for others to understand. So this is (technically) my home.

A random car probably of a visitor of some resident, 2 random stones I don’t know why placed there, quite some greenery in the entire colony and relatively quiet except for those very annoying and incredibly lousy festival times.

A more definitive way of the idea of home can be seen here in post for a previous challenge. And in a more literal sense, what makes my house my home, you can see here.

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