The abrupt feeling of sleepiness after having a lot of coffee, chocolate or any substance of caffeine.

“He was overdue with work at night but flangiprop prevented him from completing his work on time.”

This might be one of the worse bullshit I ever came up with, but actually it’s quite true. I still feel dam sleepy and doze off if I have to, despite consuming a lot of caffeine. Guess they have to come up with something stronger, and by that I sure as hell don’t mean an M-99.

4 thoughts on “Flangiprop!

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  3. Red Bull – It gives you wings. Hey, if you dirnk some Red Bull and you are flying around, because you’ve got those cool wings it is known to give you, and you suddenly experience flangiprop… that could end up being quite messy depending on where you were flying.


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