10 minutes of nothingness?

Set a timer for ten minutes. Open a new post. Start the timer, and start writing. When the timer goes off, publish.

So this is another interesting daily prompt. Like those impromptu extempore speeches one might have asked to give at a or multiple points of time in one’s life. Now just a difference I have absolutely no clue what to write about, and expected to write down something within 10 minutes trying to make some sort of sense at the very least (who am I kidding?).

I’m the kind who either writes pages all together within some minutes or unable to write nothing at all, and sadly I feel this is one of those latter moments. So let me start or rather I should say continue with one of those topics which intrigue me: Nothingness.

Instead of blabbering some shit, just here I’m typing it down, at the same time combating the chaos happening around me. For me here (Bombay, India) the daily prompt comes around 6:30-7:00 PM, when I usually go out for a walk if not doing something else, and the time approximately when the rest of the family members come back home. So right around the time when my peaceful quota of the day ends. It’s like a challenge for me to write the daily posts here everyday. Today I started with  figuring out how the timer in my apparently-not-so-smart phone works (more of a computer guy, quite literally and not much into phones)

This exercise showed me just another day for spending time with myself really, and in a way testing my typing speed/skill perhaps. Atleast I’m good at something. Just shows it’s difficult to think of something out of the blue, nothingness being the issue I was trying to speak about here. Here I have absolutely nothing in my mind right now and I find it hard to believe myself. Maybe I need to spend more time with myself, or actually I’m doing that in abundance, just not in the ‘right way’. Spending time with yourself is very important, and I surprised I managed to come up with all this without thinking. Okay, barely. Still some seconds left on the timer so before it’s up, and whoever is reading this, ought to try it this yourself, not necessary if you are a blogger. Or maybe I’m just talking to myself, which I always do and have no idea why. Or maybe I know. Ah fuck it.

5 thoughts on “10 minutes of nothingness?

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